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The Race

The Race

Husnu was a good child. Unfortunately, he had lost his sight in a traffic accident, but he never gave up on life. Every day he demonstrated that he could manage to live without being a burden to others. Many times he even went from his village to the town and came back all by himself.

In the same village there was an arrogant boy called Murtaza. One day, Murtaza wanted to make fun of Husnu and challenged him to a race from the village to the town.

Husnu accepted. “Okay, but on one condition. If I win the race, you will give me your jacket.”

Murtaza laughed. “If you win, you can have the jacket,” he said.

Husnu had one more condition. “I set the time for the race.”

Murtaza thought that Husnu would never win, so he agreed.

Husnu set the time of the race for a moonless night.

The road to the town passed through the forest. It didn’t matter to Husnu if it was night or day. He walked as he always did and reached the town. But Murtaza got lost. He fell down into many holes and branches whipped his face. He arrived in the town half an hour later than Husnu.

Poor Murtaza! If only he had known the following hadith then he wouldn’t have acted in such a way.

“Allah revealed to me: ‘Be humble and let none of you be arrogant toward others.’”

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