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The Poison

The Poison

Huusayin was returning from town to his village. He was happy because he had sold all his goods in the town’s market. He stopped to rest by a fountain.

“I’ll let my donkey graze a bit, while I have a snooze under that tree,” he thought. Just as he was about to sleep, he remembered the money in his moneybag. He thought he should put it in a safe place. He opened it and looked at the coins. They all were there, and there were none missing. He put the bag inside his shirt and drifted off to sleep.

Unfortunately, there was a thief in the tree who saw everything. The thief was a very bad man and he had spent all his life harming other people. His eyes glimmered when he saw Husayin’s moneybag. Slowly, he climbed down the tree and took out a straw and a jar of poison.

He spread some of the poison on the straw.

He silently approached Husayin, who was sleeping deeply. He planned to kill him and take his money by simply blowing the poison through the straw into Husayin’s mouth.

Just as the thief was about to administer the poison, Huseyin suddenly sneezed. The thief was surprised, and swallowed, taking all the poison into his mouth. He died immediately.

Our Prophet said:

“Allah harms the person who hurts others.”

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