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The Mirror

The Bird

Once upon a time, a vizier was walking around the market with his high officials. He came across the slave market. Pitiful people who had lost their freedom were being sold one by one.

The vizier approached the slaves. He wanted to see them more closely. Just then, an old slave said to the vizier:

“There is a stain on your turban, sir.”

The vizier took off his turban and examined it. The slave was right. This meant that he had been walking through the market with a stained turban for hours and everybody had seen it.

How embarrassing! Then he looked at his companions sadly and said to them:

“You saw the stain on my turban, yet you closed your eyes and didn’t tell me anything about it. I just realized that my real fried was that poor slave. I cannot let my true friend be sold as a slave! Buy him immediately and set him free.”

Later, the vizier had the following hadith of the Prophet framed and sent it to his men so that they would never forget this incident:

“A Muslim is the mirror of another Muslim.”

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