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The ‘Meanie

The Bird

It was a beautiful summer day and children were playing on the shore of a stream. Among them was a boy named Gaffar, but all the children called him ‘Meanie’ because of his cruel treatment to animals.

Gaffar was bored with the game they were playing; he wanted to play something that was more exciting and interesting. The other children made some suggestions, but he thought they were all boring.

Gaffar called aside some of his friends who thought like him. Soon they announced that they had come up with a fun game.

The other children wondered what this game could be.

Gaffar and his friends sneaked behind their friend Ali, who was new in town, and didn’t know how to swim. They caught his hands and legs and threw poor Ali into the stream! Ali panicked. He struggled hard to swim, but the harder he tried the more he sank. He started screaming for help. Gaffar and his friends were laughing as he screamed.

One of the other children quickly took off his clothes. It was Ismail. Ismail was a brave kid and only he could stand up to Gaffar. As soon as he saw what they had done to Ali, he rose up against them. In a few minutes, he brought Ali safely to shore.

The other children congratulated Ismail. A man passing by had seen everything. The well-dressed, kind-faced man went up to Ismail, and putting his hand on his shoulder, said: “My dear boy, you have acted just as the way our beloved Prophet has ordered. May Allah be pleased with you. Our Prophet said in one of his hadiths:

“A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim.
He neither oppresses him nor leaves him in evil hands.”

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