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Halit was a very strong child. He could lift a stool straight up from the ground with only one hand.

Nobody could beat him at school in wrestling. He mostly wrestled against his friend Nurettin.

One day Nurettin and Halit wrestled in the schoolyard again. Nurettin lost. He was so angry that he went into the classroom and scribbled all over Halit’s books.

This made Halit very angry. He jumped on Nurettin and punched him on the nose.

Nurettin’s nose started to bleed, and the blood got all over his clothes and on the classroom floor.

Their classmates all felt bad when they saw what had happened.

The teacher scolded Halit and told him the following hadith:

“A strong person is not the one who beats his rivals in wrestling, but a strong person is the one who controls his anger.”

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