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A Neighbor in Paradise

A Neighbor in Paradise

Once upon a time a Sultan was walking around the cities. He had changed his clothes so that no one would recognize him and he took one of his slaves with him. He wanted to know what his people really thought about his administration.

It was winter and very cold. He went into a small mosque. Two poor men were sitting in a corner, shivering. They had no place to go. The Sultan approached them, wondering what they were talking about.

The funny one was complaining about the cold weather: “After I die, when we go to Paradise, I will not let our Sultan enter Paradise. If I see him approaching the gates, I will take off my shoe and hit him on the head.” The second man asked, curiously:

“Why would you keep our Sultan out of Paradise?”

“Of course I would not let him enter. While we are freezing here, he is sitting comfortably in his warm palace; he doesn’t know how we live. How can he be my neighbor in Paradise? I don’t need any such neighbor there.” They both laughed.

The Sultan said to his slave:

“Do not forget this small mosque and these two men.”

When the Sultan returned to the palace, he sent his men to the mosque. They brought the two poor men to the palace. The two men were puzzled about what was going on. After they waited in fear, they were taken into a luxurious room and were told:

“You shall eat, drink, and live here and you shall pray for our Sultan and you shall not object for him to be your neighbor in Paradise!”

What a kind-hearted Sultan he is, isn’t he?

Our Prophet (peace be upon him) praised those who help the needy in the following hadith:

“Whosoever takes care of a believer’s need in this world, God will take care of his need in the Hereafter.”

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